Why is purchasing credits better than onsite water quality (BMPs)?

  1. Greater phosphorus reduction by converting agricultural land to natural forest land resulting in less pollution to the Bay.
  2. It saves you space on your site because you don’t need to install water quality measures.
  3. It’s always cheaper in the long run.
  4. No bi-annual inspections are needed.
  5. And many more….

How can the purchase of credits help our MS-4 locality?

The purchase of credits can be an assistance to meet the requirements of the stormwater regulations.  Localities will find it tough to meet all the requirements using just on-site water quality measures.  The purchase of credits can fill in the gaps.

What's the cost of a nutrient credit?

Nutrient Credits costs are comparable to on-site water quality measures in most cases.  It’s important to note that Nutrient Credits require no on-going maintenance though.

What is a credit and how are they created?

Nutrient offset credits are created when farmland is converted from crop or hay production and forested in perpetuity as pristine land.  Because there is no more fertilizer use on the farm land as it’s not a forest, DEQ gives the owner “credits”.

Do I get anything when I purchase a credit?

You get documentation certifying that your site is meeting stormwater regulations permanently.

What is the minimum acreage to create a nutrient bank with Virginia Nutrient Bank?

Currently our minimum acreage we’re accepting to broker a nutrient bank is roughly 20 acres of cropland.

Are all farms suitable for nutrient banks?

Farms that have been in crop and hay production for at least 10 years provide the best conversion rates.  Not all farms will be cost effective to create a nutrient bank.

Once a farm is converted to a nutrient bank what can it be used for?

Once a farm is converted it can be used for forestry use or recreational use; however, it will remain in a permanent forested nature conservation easement.  It cannot be farmed or have livestock though.

Does it matter where my farm is?

Yes and no.  Some watersheds are more desirable than others.  It is all based on supply and demand.

If you have any questions at all please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer them.

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