Virginia Nutrient Bank, LLC is a leading pioneer in creating nutrient banks to help farmers save their land and helping provide developers cost effective ways to clean the stormwater runoff of new developments.  In the ever changing world of environmental regulations, nutrient credits have become a crucial tool in protecting the environment and helping developers.

Buying Nutrient Credits has become a vital way for businesses to protect the environment while at the same time saving on the cost of development.When in need of stormwater nutrient credits in Virginia it’s important to start the process early.  In some cases it might be more cost efficient to have the site designed with DEQ regulated BMPs (best management practices), but with the recent change in stormwater quality regulations in July 2014 the purchase of non-point source Nutrient Credits has become even more desirable for real estate professionals, investors, government agencies, engineers, and contractors.

The heaviest burden to the new stormwater regulations probably falls on the local governments and we’ve seen that purchasing stormwater credits is often the best way to meet the new rules with the least hassle.  Constituents always want their local government to act in their best interests with long term planning and so Virginia Nutrient Bank offers advanced reservations at competitive prices for local governments wishing to meet their requirements.

Currently, Virginia Nutrient Bank only offers credits for the Shenandoah Potomac watershed but are actively pursuing setting up more Nutrient Banks in other watersheds to better serve farmers and businesses alike throughout the state of Virginia.

There are many advantages to buying credits.  Allow us to show you how buying stormwater credits can save you money in the short term and the long term.