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In order to better protect the Chesapeake Bay from stormwater runoff of impervious areas, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality have created measures to protect the overall health.  One of those such measures is the use of non-point source credits.

Virginia Nutrient Bank, LLC is the leader in providing non-point source credits to developers and local governments in the Shenandoah Potomac watershed of the Chesapeake Bay as well as helping farmers turn their farmland into natural restrictive covenant’s thereby creating credits to sell.


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We are constantly advising customers how non-point source stormwater credits can save them money.

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With ever increasing stormwater regulations it’s harder than ever to make a profit.  That’s where we come in!

Advance Planning

We are experts at helping local governments, farmers, and developers come up with the best stormwater quality solution for their site and localities.

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Contact Virginia Nutrient Bank today if you have any questions about how non-point source stormwater credits can help your next projects.

From helping farmers create their own nutrient banks in accordance with the Virginia DEQ to selling credits that can help farmers, developers, and local governments; Virginia Nutrient Bank is the place to go for answers!

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In select cases VNB will help you sell your credits.

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